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Here will be soon This is one of our 58 EV top level domains. is a domain for the total concept of
Everything in the field of 100% electric vehicles, transport, sports and EV innovations.
Electric transport the future of yesterday and the reality of today
On the Roads on Water and even in the Air.

Everything about EVs (new and used) comparing, buying, selling, renting, leasing, financing, insurance and charging systems.
Regional and international trade fairs and shows. the complete platform for EV drivers, buyers, sellers and producers.

The Kodak effect: Electric transport is still a choice but soon not anymore! companies that do not want to innovate will suffer from the "KodakEffect" Just Ask yourself which photographer still buy film rolls and where?
Range anxiety / Distance anxiety: where are you going to refuel when there are no more petrol stations? how far do you get then? and are you still allowed to drive with fossil fuels at all?